Home ACA Course (ICAEW) Why Study ACA at ARBS?
As part of a professional business environment, Anderson Ross Business School (“ARBS”) holds an unrivalled experience in accountancy. With a panel of qualified lecturers and a proper infrastructure in an ideal learning environment, students who wish to study for ACA need to look no further. Anderson Ross Group is comprised of qualified ACA members, which make us one of the highly reputed and recommendable tuition providers in the market.

We at ARBS, being aware of the hardship faced by ACA students to find training contracts with Authorised Training Employers (ATE), have already arranged for few training contracts for our students with some well-established employers. Our sister company, Anderson Ross Recruitment Services will also assist in negotiating with ATE for further training contracts on behalf of our students.

Our timetable has moreover been designed to accommodate for training at the same time as the studies to cater for students on training contracts.

Further to the above, ARBS is one of the very few ICAEW recognised tuition providers in the UK market which holds a Tier 4 Licence, to facilitate non-EU students to study in the UK.

If you are a local or an international student who desires an ACA-UK qualification, together with some work experience, you now know what to do to make your dream come true!!